WP1: Specifications & Requirements

WP2: Data Processing Architectures & Infrastructure (BDMI Toolbox)

  • D2.1: Architectures for the management structured & unstructured data streams (Report) (M12) – consortium only
  • D2.2: Architectures for the management of batch and interactive data sources (Report) (M15) – consortium only
  • D2.3: Development of Toolboxes Integration Connectors (Other) (M18)

WP3: Big Data Processing toolboxes (BDP Toolbox)

  • D3.1: Data acquisition and integration report (Report) (M18) – consortium only
  • D3.2: Big data storage and indexing report (Report) (M24) – consortium only
  • D3.3: Primitive query operators report (Other) (M30)

WP4: Big Data Analytics (BDA Toolbox)

  • D4.1: Analytics for complex event recognition (Other) (M30)
  • D4.2: Analytics for individuals’ mobility networks (Other) (M30) – consortium only
  • D4.3: Transfer learning for mobility data models (Other) (M36) – consortium only
  • D4.4: Analytics for complex event recognition (Other) (M30)

WP5: Data Visualization & User Interaction (VA Toolbox)

  • D5.1: Visual Analytics for Big Mobility Data (Other) (M18) – consortium only
  • D5.2: Visual Analytics for complex events (Other) (M24) – consortium only
  • D5.3: Prototype and documentation of summary visualizations (Other) (M24) – consortium only
  • D5.4: Results of eye-tracking evaluation (Report) (M36)

WP6: Use Cases & Domain Validation

  • D6.1: Experiments Planning and Setup (Report) (M06) – consortium only
  • D6.2: Demonstrator 1 – Auto- Insurance & Innovative Mobility Services (Demo) (M18, M30) – consortium only
  • D6.3: Demonstrator 2 – Emergency Healthcare (Demo) (M24, M33) – consortium only
  • D6.4: Demonstrator 3 – Fleet Management (Demo) (M36) – consortium only
  • D6.5: Cross-validation with ICT14 and ICT15 projects (Report) (M36)
  • D6.6: Experiments Monitoring Report, Learning conclusions (Report) (M36)

WP7: Dissemination & Exploitation

WP8: Management & Coordination

  • D8.1: Project Plan and Management Reports (Report) (M06, M36) – consortium only
  • D8.2: Scientific and technical coordination Report (Report) (M06, M36) – consortium only
  • D8.3: Quality control & risk management Report (Report) (M02, M36) – consortium only