WP1: Specifications & Requirements

WP2: Data Processing Architectures & Infrastructure (BDMI Toolbox)

  • D2.1: Architectures for the management structured & unstructured data streams (Report) (M12) – consortium only
  • D2.2: Architectures for the management of batch and interactive data sources (Report) (M15) – consortium only
  • D2.3: Development of Toolboxes Integration Connectors (Other) (M18)

WP3: Big Data Processing toolboxes (BDP Toolbox)

WP4: Big Data Analytics (BDA Toolbox)

WP5: Data Visualization & User Interaction (VA Toolbox)

  • D5.1: Visual Analytics for Big Mobility Data (Other) (M18) – consortium only
  • D5.2: Visual Analytics for complex events (Other) (M24) – consortium only
  • D5.3: Prototype and documentation of summary visualizations (Other) (M24) – consortium only
  • D5.4: Results of eye-tracking evaluation (Report) (M36)

WP6: Use Cases & Domain Validation

WP7: Dissemination & Exploitation

WP8: Management & Coordination

  • D8.1: Project Handbook (Report) (M06, M36) – consortium only
  • D8.2: Quality Plan (Report) (M06, M36) – consortium only
  • D8.3: Initial Data Management Plan (Other – Open Research Data Pilot) (M02, M36) – consortium only
  • D8.4: Project Monitoring and Management (Report) (M36) – consortium only
  • D8.5: Project Scientific and Technical Coordination – Final Data Management Plan (Report) (M36) – consortium only
  • D8.6: Quality control & risk management Report (Report) (M36) – consortium only

WP9: Ethics

  • D9.1: POPD – Requirement No. 1 (Ethics) – consortium only
  • D9.2: GEN – Requirement No. 2 (Ethics) – consortium only