Track and Know is linked to the following liaison projects:

  • Transforming Transport
  • The Data-Driven Bioeconomy project (DataBio)
  • Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Science (e-SiDES)

Transforming Transport

The Transforming Transport (TT) project aims to demonstrate, in a realistic, measurable, and replicable way the transformations that Big Data will bring to the mobility and logistics market.

To this end, TT, is validating the technical and economic viability of Big Data in order to reshape transport processes and services to significantly increase operational efficiency, to deliver improved customer experience, and foster new business models.

TT will address seven Pilot domains of major importance for the mobility and logistics sector in Europe:

  • Smart High-ways
  • Sustainable Vehicle Fleets
  • Proactive Rail Infrastructures
  • Ports as Intelligent Logistics Hubs
  • Efficient Air Transport
  • Multi-modal Urban Mobility
  • Dynamic Supply Chains

The TT consortium combines knowledge and solutions of major European ICT and Big Data technology providers together with the competence and experience of key European industry players in the mobility and logistics domain.

Link with Track & Know

For the liaison with TT, the requirements of TT Pilot Domains such as “Sustainable Connected Vehicles” and “Integrated Urban Mobility” will be introduced during the Track & Know specifications phase (in WP1) to exploit the efficiency of the WP3 “Big Data Processing Toolboxes” and WP4 “Big Data Analytics (BDA Toolbox)” in the application domains of Transport and Mobility which constitute the main Pillars for both TT and Track & Know.

For this purpose, the TT Tasks T5.2 “Sustainable Connected Cars” and T5.3 “Sustainable Connected Trucks” could be interlinked with the Track&Know Task 3.3 “Distributed complex query Toolbox” and with all WP4 “Big Data Analytics (BDA Toolbox)” Tasks. Furthermore, TT WP9 “Integrated Urban Mobility” will be also targeted to investigate the efficiency of the Track&Know BDA Toolbox (WP4).

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The Data-Driven Bioeconomy project (DataBio)

DataBio developed and delivered the Big DATABIO Platform, which is a state of the art, big data platform that will be merged to the existing infrastructure and solutions of the consortium.

The selected Pilots and concepts will be transformed to Pilot implementations utilizing co-innovative methods and tools where the bio-economy sector end user experts and other stakeholders will give input to the user and sector domain understanding for the requirements specifications for ICT, Big Data and Earth Observation experts and for other solution providers in the consortium. Based on the preparation and requirement specifications work the Pilots are implemented utilizing and selecting the best suitable market ready or almost market ready Big Data and Earth Observation methods, technologies, tools and services to be integrated to the common Big DATABIO Platform. During the Pilots the close cooperation continues and feedback from the bio-economy sector user companies will be utilized in the technical and methodological upgrades to Pilot implementations. Based on the Pilot results and the new solutions also new business opportunities are expected. In addition, during the Pilots the end user utilizers are participating trainings to learn how to use the solutions and developers also outside the consortium will be activated in the Hackathons to design and develop new tools, services and application for the platform.

Link with Track & Know

For the liaison with DataBio, the requirements of DataBio Pilots such as the Agriculture and Forestry Pilots will be introduced during the specifications phase (in WP1) to exploit the efficiency of the Visual Analytics Toolbox in application domains that geospatial big data are of prime value. For this purpose, the DataBio Task T4.2 “Advanced Visualisation Services” could be interlinked with the Track&Know WP5 “Data Visualization & User Interaction (VA Toolbox)”.

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Ethical and Societal Implications of Data Science (e-SiDES)

e-SIDES is an EU-funded Coordination and Support Action (CSA) that will complement the Research and Innovation Actions (RIAs) of the ICT-18 call on privacy-preserving big data technologies by exploring the societal and ethical implications of big data technologies and providing a broad basis and wider context to validate privacy-preserving technologies.

The principal scope of e-SIDES is to:

  • Involve the complete value chain of big data stakeholders to reach a common vision for an ethically sound approach to big data processing.
  • Improve the dialogue between data subjects and big data communities (industry, research, policy makers, regulators) and, thereby, to improve the confidence of citizens towards big data technologies and data markets.

Link with Track & Know

For the liaison with e-SIDES, ethics requirements in relation to use of bigdata within the Track & Know Project will be improved based on the guidelines of the e-SIDES. As Track & Know involves citizen driving profiling and optimisation of service provisions it is important to take a holistic approach to Ethics and understanding the wider impacts, which is where the e-Sides project can substantially support. Taking part in outreach activities of e-SIDES to not only showcase the Track & Know findings but also showcase the way data privacy-preserving techniques implemented in scientific and business oriented project that utilised mobility-based bigdata.

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