Milestone 1: Project plan
In month 2, within the scope of WP8 (Management & Coordination) a detailed project plan will be drawn-up, including well-defined pilots’ management activities.

Milestone 2: Stakeholder needs analysis – Business Innovation Agenda
In month 6, within WP1 (Specifications & Requirements) the results of the stakeholder needs analysis will be reported and a business innovation agenda is drawn up. Initial scoping of pilot use cases (with indicative KPI’s) is also included.

Milestone 3: Initial Prototype implementation completed and Use Cases Set-Up (Pilot 1 test initiation)
In month 18, as a result of activities in WP’s 2 to 5, we can provide:
  • a first version of the infrastructure components and Toolboxes prototypes;
  • the design of pilot 1 applications and integration with information sources;
  • modelling and experiment plans, including documented scenario’s and use cases;
  • demo of proof-of-concept for pilot 1.
Milestone 4: Implementation of Experiments (Start of testing in Pilots 2 and 3)
With regard to WP6 (Use Cases & Domain Validation), in month 24, we will have realised:
  • a second version of infrastructure components, applications and services (WP2-5);
  • incorporation of results and conclusions from testing phase 1 in pilot 1 (M18-M24);
  • updated modelling and experiment plans for pilots 2 and 3:
  • configuration of services and integration with information sources;
  • demo of proof-of-concept for pilots 2 and 3.
Milestone 5: Commercialisation Plan
In month 28, within the scope of WP7 (Dissemination & Exploitation), we will have an approved exploitation plan and will have initiated patent filing.