The Track & Know – project focuses on five objectives:

Objective 1

  • Create the Track & Know framework of best practices, technology implementation patterns and toolsets. This framework will map the end user industry analytics needs and corresponding datasets in transportation, health and insurance to the BDVA reference model.

Objective 2

  • Produce a scalable, fault-tolerant platform for Big Data by collecting, integrating and processing streams of data
  • Build efficient, interoperable and scalable Track & Know Toolboxes*with Big Data Software stacks and integrate them into the Big Mobility Data Integrator
  • Create toolsets for efficient distributed management, process mining querying and the visualisation of Big Data (BDP Toolbox)

Objective 3

  • Produce the Track & Know Analytics Toolboxes . These Toolboxes include the real-time detection and forecasting of the Big Mobility Data Analytics Toolbox and the Predictive Complex Event Recognition Toolbox
  • Produce the Track & Know Analytics Toolboxes:
    1. The real-time detection and forecasting of Big Mobility Data Analytics (BDA) Toolbox;
    2. The Predictive Complex event Recognition (CER) Toolbox;
    3. And the Real-time Interactive Visual Analytics (VA) Toolbox.

Objective 4

  • Test, validate and evaluate the Track & Know Toolboxes addressing different industrial domains, such as the automotive mobility, health and insurance

Objective 5

  • Ensure scale up trough wide dissemination, exploitation actions, liaison, clustering and correlation with other European and large-scale pilots and projects.