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Track & Know

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‘’Best Paper Award’’ for Track & Know publication
‘’Best Paper Award’’ for Track & Know publication

Paper on ‘’Contextualised analysis of movement events’’ was awarded at EuroVis 2019 Conference in Lisbon (Portugal)

Keep track of this EU Horizon 2020 project
Keep track of this EU Horizon 2020 project

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Track & Know is a Horizon2020 project, with a focus on Big Data. More specifically, Track & Know will research, develop and exploit a new software framework that aims at increasing the efficiency of Big Data. This will be applied in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and health sectors. The usefulness of more effective Big Data As the world's population living in metropolitan areas increases, so increases the need for effective and sustainable interventions and services to inject mobility intelligence and improve the quality of life in large urban environments. The technological developments ...

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Track & Know story reached shortlist “Success Story Awards 2019”

Health pilot case: Network lunch session in Cambridge to engage with stakeholders

Mid-term event: special Track & Know session jointly with ANT Conference 2019


Discover everything about the Track & Know project through this comprehensible triptych flyer. Please click on the below images for the...
Track & Know project flyer
Track & Know partners at the University of Piraeus, Greece have built an online tool that takes as input streaming data and enriches th...
Track & Know partners develop online tool indicating road conditions and nearby fuel stations.
One of the major objectives of the Track & Know project is to integrate online data streams, heterogeneous, contextual and archival dat...
Big Mobility Data Integrator
Track&Know is a project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The consortium of 14 partners fr...
Track&Know increases the efficiency of Big Data applications
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