European Big Data Research for Industry – 3 projects, 7 sectors, 9 applications, 41 software components. Now what? – Report online now!

On Tuesday November 3rd, 2020, within the framework of the European Big Data Value Forum, Big Data EU H2020 research projects I-BiDaaS (Industrial-Driven Big Data as a Self-Service Solution), BigDataStack (High performance data-centric stack for Big Data applications and operations) and Track & Know (Big Data for Mobility Tracking Knowledge Extraction in Urban Areas) hosted a joint session. After 3 years of research and innovation, these Big Data projects joined forces in an online expert-led discussion on the impact and uptake of Big Data research results. The 3 project now release a joint report that aims to summarise the key findings derived from this session with recommendations on European Big Data Research for Industry. 3 projects. 7 sectors. 9 applications. 41 software components. Now what?

Impact, barriers and best practices

The purpose of the discussion was to identify shared barriers to the adoption of Big Data research in different sectors and mechanisms to overcome them. Secondly, the projects wanted to map the current and future impact and sustainability of their Big Data research and lastly to share best practices on the concrete business questions that have been answered in the project pilots.

The result of this group discussion is an insightful report with key findings with recommendations on how to facilitate the uptake of results and to make Big Data research more sustainable and future proof.

Report online now

Next to an introduction to the 3 participating Big Data projects and the expert speakers – Dr Toni Staykova (Track & Know), Alon Rozen (I-BiDaaS) and Richard McCreadie (BigDataStack) – the report of this led group discussion offers an insight in the 117 attendees from more than 14 countries, their background and the barriers they experience when it comes to implementing Big Data analytical solutions.

The group discussion focused on 3 key questions:

  • How are we contributing to the European Big Data Ecosystem?
  • How can we apply Big Data in businesses? What barriers did you encounter with the industries in your project?
  • Now what?

Find out how the experts and attendees answered these questions and shared their valuable experiences in this comprehensive report now!

BigDataStack, I-BiDaas and Track & Know

The collaboration between the three EU projects was initiated in the beginning of 2020, when during the BDV PPP Summit 2020, they decided to join forces in a series of 9 online demonstrations of innovative Big Data Technologies in the pilot studies and their applicability to an ever wider scope contributing to Europe’s digital future: the Big Data Pilot Demo Days webinar series. Since all three projects were coming to an end, they decided to join forces again in November 2020 and look at the future. What difference will their research make? How will it be used? And which barriers can stand in the way of industries using their research results? A joint group discussion within the scope of the EBDVF 2020 conference, featuring a panel of experts and attendees from various sectors tried to find an answer to these crucial questions.