To reach the proposed objectives, Big Data Research requires a multi-disciplinary approach. This approach will bring together research actors, customer’s demand and business field experts, provisioning infrastructure operators, and software industry actors in order to transform the voluminous and incomprehensible data into intelligence and knowledge.

Related to this, Track & Know will develop user friendly Toolboxes that will be readily applicable in the transport, mobility, motor insurance and health sectors. They will also be investigated in additional domains through liaison activities with other running Horizon2020-projects, namely ICT-15 Lighthouse projects.

Because the Big Data penetration is not adequately developed in niche markets outside the traditional ones, the Track & Know Toolboxes will be demonstrated in three real-world pilots. During these pilots, datasets from niche market scenarios will be used to validate efficiency improvements. Also, performance and impact benchmarks are elaborated and will be documented during the pilots deployment.