Track & Know Research Work received EuroVA 2019 ‘’Best Paper Award’’

Congratulations to Siming Chen and other research collaborators for their research work on  ‘’Contextualised analysis of movement events’’ that received the best paper award in EuroVA 2019 workshop held jointly with EuroVis 2019 Conference in Lisbon (Portugal) on June 3-6, 2019.


For understanding the circumstances, causes, and consequences of events that may happen during movement (e.g., harsh brake, sharp turn), it is necessary to analyze event context. The context includes dynamic attributes of the moving objects before and after the event and external context elements such as other moving objects, weather, terrain, etc. To explore events in context, we propose an analytical workflow including event contextualization, context pattern detection, and exploration of the spatio-temporal distribution of the detected patterns. The approach involves clustering of events based on the similarity of their contexts and interactive visual techniques for exploration of the distribution of the clusters in time, geographic space, and multidimensional attribute space. In close collaboration with domain experts, we apply our method to real-world vehicle trajectories with the purpose of identifying and investigating potentially dangerous driving behaviors.

A full copy of the paper can be download here. (PDF)