Vodafone Innovus

Zelitron is now 100% owned by Vodafone Innovus (VFI), Greece. ZEL has since been established as a pioneer in M2M Cloud Services, providing advanced end-to-end Solutions to a global audience, engaging customers in over 20 countries.

An active company, continuously seeking to capitalize the State of the Art in M2M/IoT, ZEL has a plethora of key capabilities such as:

  • Ownership of private, secure, resilient and of high-availability IoT Device Management Platform
  • Provision of a wide array of IoT commercial Products and solutions such as:
    • Zelitrack: Real time company Fleet Management
    • Connected Cabinets: Fixed Asset Management e.g. Soft Drinks and Ice cream Cabinets
    • MAT: Mobile Asset Tracking for transportation and SVR use
    • Gas/Solar/Energy Remote Metering
    • Design and manufacture of highly customized telemetry devices
  • Application & Hardware Design and Development
    • Embedded firmware development
    • Hardware / Middleware design and development
    • UIX and Web Applications Development
    •  Large Databases Design and Management
    •  Mobile Application Development
  • Complex integration activities
    • Integration of telemetry devices and sensors within ZEL’s M2M Application platform
    • Interconnection with 3rd party applications (Web service / APIs)
    • Integration with most established GIS platforms
  • Installation & support
    • Device installation
    • Service provision and Maintenance
    • Technical Support, Troubleshooting and Customer Care