Hasselt University, Transportation Research Institute

IMOB is a transportation research institute within Hasselt University with about 55 researchers plus supporting staff members. IMOB hosts a unique Bachelor-Master education programme in transportation. By combining scientific and applied research and education activities, IMOB works on sustainable solutions for multimodal problems within traffic safety, transportation and logistics. The results of the research activities are disseminated to policy makers and those whose work involves traffic and transportation in Flanders, Belgium and abroad.

IMOB has built up a unique know-how in quantitative models (Data Mining, Operations Research and Multivariate Statistics) for modeling travel behaviour. The institute developed the activity-based model Feathers, a dynamic activity-based microsimulation model for Flanders. Several important projects were coordinated by the institute, among which two research projects funded by the Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology in Flanders, totaling 4.5 Mio EUR and the OPEN-FET H2020 DATASIM Project for 2.3Mio Eur. The Institute participated and is currently participating as project partner in many other H2020 projects like iScape, MEBETA, InDeV and Smart-PT. See http://www.uhasselt.be/IMOB-EN for more information.