Who is working on the project?

The project has 16 partners from 9 countries including Universities, software developers, ITC companies and medical, mobility and transport operators. >> More info

Who do I talk to for more information?

You can contact the Project Coordinator Inlecom using the contact page.

Who can see the data and how is it kept safe?

Track and Know retains its data in encrypted containers to which only the platform Manager has access. Different consortia partners have bi-lateral agreements with the data owners and the manager ensures that access to the data is only given for short periods to the authorised individuals. These individuals are only allowed to access the data via a fixed computer in their organisations.

Whose data was used in the study and did they give consent?

Personal Data was collected as part of the project operations, and from Data Controllers for research purposes. 

Stakeholders and mailing lists are voluntary through sign-up and informed consent has been provided.

Who is the Track and Know leadership team?

The project is coordinated by Inlecom Systems with support from the following partners of the Project Management Board.

  • Technical Manager: UPRC 
  • Exploitation Manager: ZEL
  • Pilots Coordinator: SIS
  • WP1 Leader: KT
  • WP2 Leader: Intrasoft
  • WP3 Leader: UPRC
  • WP4 Leader: CNR
  • WP5 Leader: FRHF
  • WP6 Leader: SIS
  • WP7 Leader: UHASSELT
  • WP8 Leader: Inlecom

All partners are represented in the Project General Assembly. >> More info