Where were the pilots held?

The pilots utilised data collected from various locations in Europe. For the Car Insurance pilot this included the UK and Italy (London, Rome and Tuscany) For the healthcare case the pilot was held in  Cambridgeshire, UK and for the Fleet management pilot data from Greece, Albania and Cyprus relating to fleet car pick ups and drop offs was included. All data has been anonymised and is kept by the data owners.

Where can I see the Track and Know demo?

Track and Know will be presenting at various EU Big Data Events throughout 2020. These also include events held by the Big Data PPP and the BDVA.

Which EU countries were involved in the project?

The project has 16 partners from 9 countries including Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the UK.
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Where is the data stored and for how long?

Data on the Track and Know platform and all developmental subsets will be deleted at the final termination of the project. The Eye Tracking study will retain data with the data controller (partner: FRHF) based on durations provided by the participant.

Where can I find the toolboxes?

On our software page, or via our pilot partners.